5 Reasons to Switch to Bespoke Minimalist Shoes Today


5 Reasons to Switch to Bespoke Minimalist Shoes Today

Are you thinking about making the switch from traditional shoes to bespoke minimalist shoes? The mere fact that you are reading this now shows you are about to make the transition. Or are at least close to making the change.

Do you get that tired and aching feeling in your feet after a long and hard day at work? It happens to us all. However, did you know that bespoke minimalist shoes can help you to alleviate that feeling and set your feet back on the correct evolutionary path? There are so many reasons to switch from traditional shoes to minimalist options, and here are the 5 most compelling.

#1 - Combating Problematic Foot Issues from Wearing Traditional Shoes

Do you suffer from stiff ankles? Do you get this problem in normal daily life or when you are jogging? Traditional shoes can sometimes cause you great discomfort without you even realizing the root of the problem… traditional shoe designs! As mentioned above, foot aches and pains after a long day at work are usually caused by the conformity of wearing big and bulky traditional shoes. And nobody really mentions this problem! 

Wearing traditional shoes from when you are an infant cause many underlying problems with your feet that have a knock-on effect to your overall health. The narrow toe designs prevent your toes from spreading and crunches them together. This gives your toes less mobility. Excessive arch and foot support alongside too much high heel support actually give the foot an unnatural position. This constant pressure and shaping of the foot cause many of our aches and pains. Most people can counteract this by transitioning to bespoke minimalist shoes that encourage the natural shape of your foot to support itself, just like it did for millennia before traditional shoes stunted foot evolution. 

#2 - Regaining The Freedom of Your Feet

When you think about it, the evolution of our foot across the eons was based on being barefooted. Relatively speaking, this is how our foot evolved over hundreds of thousands or even millions of years. That was until recent times when we started to cram our feet into restrictive traditional shoes. Has this limited the freedom of our feet? Of course! But you can regain that freedom with minimalist shoes.

When our feet touch the ground in either bare feet or minimalist shoes, you can feel everything on the floor. And although this might initially feel strange, you get used to it quickly. This process feeds information to your brain from your feet. And that is very important to the well-being of your feet and your overall balance. The correct feedback from our feet directly touching the floor with minimal padding gives us better balance and sharper reflexes. Regain the freedom of your feet with bespoke minimalist shoes.

#3 - Strengthening Your Foot Muscles – Bespoke Minimalist Shoes

Unnatural cushioning of the foot is not good. It’s unnatural support that is detrimental to the freedom of our foot. We were always taught that shoes with lots of support for the arches and heels were important for the health of our feet. It’s actually the opposite. Making your feet conform to unnatural positions is bad for our foot muscles. The strengthening of foot muscles by wearing bespoke minimalist shoes is a proven fact. 

Did you know that there are over 7,000 nerve endings in each foot? There are as many nerve receptors in your feet as in your hands. Research has shown that those wearing minimalist shoes for walking for over 0 to 8 weeks enjoy increased and strengthened foot muscles in just 4 weeks. The conclusion from the data suggests lots of walking in minimalist shoes increases foot and muscle strength.

#4 - Wide Toe Box Design Aids Comfort and Growth 

One of the main issues with traditional shoes is the narrow toe box design. It limits and restricts the growth and evolution of your toes. The splaying, or spreading, of your toes, allows you to evenly distribute your weight across your feet. Bespoke minimalist shoes utilize wide toe box designs that encourage the growth and spreading of your toes. 

Wearing minimalist shoes with wide toe box designs allow our splayed toes to provide more support for the foot and will improve and strengthen the arch of your foot. Man-made orthonics that support the arch are not as healthy as a natural foot arch garnered by the splaying of the toes and better support for your foot. Wide toe box designs make minimalist shoes the best option in so many ways.

#5 - Flexible and Lightweight Designs – Bespoke Minimalist Shoes

Flexible and lightweight designs are the cornerstone of minimalist shoes. This is one of the most practical and convenient reasons why you need to switch from traditional shoes to bespoke minimalist shoes. The lightweight design of minimalist shoes is one of its key sales points. Because there is minimal material used in the design, you can easily store and transport minimalist shoes. Because of their pliability, you can scrunch or fold the shoes, which means you can easily put them in your bad without even realizing it. 

Switching from traditional shoes to minimalist shoes might be the best decision you ever make. They will definitely ensure that your foot’s evolution gets back on track. Not only will they aid your balance, but also help to strengthen your foot muscles, and could even alleviate the aches and pains you currently have with your feet. What are you waiting for?

The Last Shoemaker is a Minimalist Shoemaker based in York UK with a client base in the U.S.A and Europe. We are available for apointments contact us at info@thelastshoemaker.com


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